Hello everyone!


The picture above is of our house cat, Viko (as opposed to some yard cats we also feed). We found him as a baby, eyes still closed in our yard. When the mother did not show until the evening we decided to take him in, where he has been living ever since.

DSC01783 Baby Viko Bottle fed          DSC01791 Baby Viko with Teddy

I am more of a dog person myself, and we used to have one (rescued from a shelter). More about him perhaps in later posts. He died at the age of nine, and after a while my husband brought home a young cat. Since then the yard became a home for stray and lineage cats, which I try to care for as best I can.

Viko, however, lives inside, because my husband refused to send him out when he was old enough… so he never left the house (except for short periods to the pension, when we go abroad). In September he will be four years old. He is sweet, clever but has a hypersensitivity to sounds. What my children phrase as “he is a coward”. But I get it. There are these giants in his territory, and he is being cautious. Nothing wrong with that.

Viko tummy DSC02051

In relaxation mode number 2…


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