Tzufi news 9-7-13

I thought Tzufi might be lonesome in his room (gave him a special room because of the cat), so I placed his cage on a branch right outside my window. No cats can get there.

I was surprised to see that he had several visits by other sunbirds. A few times , a male and a female, and later only a male.
I video taped it from the distance. However, when I looked closely at the tapes, it seemed to me that the male was poking the little chick. This happened more than once. Also interesting, each visit the male approached with what sounded like  chattering. When he was further away from the cage he made different sounds. What do you guys make of it?

I wonder if it was a good idea. Maybe poor Tzufi was terrified.
And I also think he may have been a little cold.

Unfortunately, my videos cannot be uploaded here.

Well, I’ll think of something…


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