Tzufi news 10-7-13

Not much to tell today.

I put Tzufi’s cage in the branch again, There were only one or two visits.

I think that means he is old enough to fly out of the nest, and maybe the adult sunbirds despaired from getting him out of the cage.

I found a link today, its in Hebrew and it tells about another sunbird chick, He was brought to the Safari and was tended to by their people. They fed him with worms and insects for a few days, and then put his cage on the window pane. Pretty soon, a male and a female Sunbirds ‘adopted’ him and started to feed him. They released him to the wild that very day.

My baby bird, however, is feeding on honey solution from a feeder. There seems to be nothing they can do for him, short of adopt him as a family member. But it’ll be a while until he can fly again.

As promised, found a partial solution to the video problem: here a few snap shots from a few of videos.

male sunbird poking Tzufi (2)            male sunbird

More ...

Snapshot 2 (10-07-2013 21-51) Snapshot 1 (10-07-2013 21-51)   Snapshot 3 (10-07-2013 21-52)


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