Tzufi new 20-7-2013

Well: this is what I learned so far about  raising a Palestine Sunbird that lost some of its wing and tail feathers:

1) a simple feeder such as this will suffice:


I put two of those, one for the honey solution that I prepare (see further down) and one for water.

2) Free Sunbirds take interest in another Sunbird (presumably a stranger, but who knows, maybe they recognized him/her). Proof is in the dozens of movies and pictures I took of them coming to his cage and making what seems to be sםme sort of communication with Tzufi.
For example:

More ...

More …


Snapshot 11 (13-07-2013 14-07)


furthermore, their interest changes modes. They are not poking him anymore, instead they are chatting, sometimes they ignore him and just feed.

3) Free Sunbirds will drink/suck with their tongues the water and the honey solution. There is no need to put red color into it. They drink eagerly.

At this time, the solution is made as follows:
*    2    tablespoons of liquid honey
*    30   milliliters of water
*    1     tablespoon of dried blood worms (usually they are fish food) , crushed to dusty form   (like  you would for a child) between two spoons


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