Tzufi- the-sunbird news 24-07-2013


I am worried that I might not be doing things right.

It’s a little windy – is it possible that Tzufi is cold up there in his cage (hanging on a tree facing my second floor bedroom)?

From noon the sun is in the cage’s direction, until sundown. It is summer. Is he maybe too hot in there? I covered one of the sides of his cage with a towel that provides shade, but is he smart enough to use it?

What about the big ants that put to shame all anti-insect sprays? Will the spray harm Tzufi ?
I do the spraying on the tree branch before I hang the cage, never on the cage itself, and that doesn’t stop the wild sunbirds from visiting him…

Does he eat, or should I say, drink enough?Instead of the honey solution,  I gave him today some sugar-water, made of 1:4 approx.  grape sugar: water. I melted it in boiling water and let it cool down. He seems to be drinking it just fine, and the other sunbirds too.

Sometimes one of the sunbirds pulls on his feathers. Can he actually pul one out? and why does he do that? Dos he frighten Tzufi, or cause him pain> I fear that it is so, becauseTzufi seems to freeze and lets it happen.

Another sunbird is ‘beak talking’ with Tzufi. I wasn’t fast enough to notice – did it hit him, did it bring him food?  were they communicating on some level?

I worry that Tzufi is scared of the other birds althogh most of the times he seems to ignore them. Or at least, that’s what it seems to me like.  What if he is afraid to drink when they are around – which is a lot?

Tzufi seems so ‘dance’ a lot, so to speak from side to side. He does that when he stands on the wire I put in his cage, where he stands most of the time.
I wonder if that is a nervous reaction, or maybe it is a natural movement of  a youngster expecting food from his parents. if it is that, isn’t he terribly frustrated?

I also put two branches across his cage, but he doesn’t use them a lot. However, the sunbirds use the parts of the branches that stick out of the cage to reach the feeders. I think I’ll leave the branches for a while.

i am hoping that little Tzufi will hear the twitting sounds of the other sunbirds and learns to make them.

I keep wondering, is their company good for him or bad?

I wish I knew.


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