Tzufi the sunbird news 02-08-2013

Still not sure, I think Tzufi is drinking very little of his nectar. I put one feeder in his cage,  but when I stick my hand into his cage he tries to escape to one of the corners. The cage isn’t that big, so he flips his wings and he;s actually lost a feather. Bottom line, I think I scare him, so I decided to not put a personal feeder for him. After all, if he’s still alive he must be drinking enough. Since he doesn’t actually waste a lot of energy, he probably needs much less that the free sunbirds that come to his feeders to drink.

I found some nectar formulas on the net, like this one (Avian Nectar~Sunbird) that gives some of the nectar composition as far as protein, glucose, vitamins and other ingredients go.  So I am trying to prepare one at home. I hope it will work. I use Whey protein powder that is intended for athletes and people in recovery. I also add some children’s liquid vitamin to the formula.
I guess it will need some trial and error,  but I believe that the free sunbirds will give me a clue as to its taste, at least… when they like my nectar, they come in their numbers and wait on branches for their turn to drink.

If anyone can give me hints about nectar, it would be most welcome.

Last but not least, I have a major problem with huge ants (2cms) that love the sugar water and the honey solutions I make.

One of my fears is that perhaps Tzufi is afraid of the ants, or of the birds that sometimes twit at him and try to feel him with their beaks. I wish I could tell what they twit at him, or around him.
I also wish I new if he’s not cold in the (very light) wind that blows. The temperature gets as high as 34 C , and the other birds don’t seem to care, but Tzufi is in a cage, he gets some sun from noon till late afternoon. At those times I put a towel on the cage to produce some shade, so he can choose.


Here are some more Tzufi and sunbirds movies

Young male checking out Tzufi


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