War and peas

This handsome cat is a copy of mine!


SW-Avatar     Just go steady with that milk Mr Midnight, you´ll give yourself indigestion (again!).
You´re  making a right mess as well.  Just look at all those milk splashes surrounding your bowl.
Daddy will have to wipe up again and you know how much he loves cleaning up when you´ve finished your supper.


Mr Midnight paused for a moment,  gazed  sheepishly  at Sir Winston,  and then continued to lap up the rest of the milk in his bowl.
“I don´t know why he´s so  tetchy tonight”, Mr Midnight thought.
“He knows that my tongue cannot reach as far as his. That´s why I have to use  my scooping technique to clean the bowl of milk.  Daddy doesn´t seem to understand that deep bowls  do not work for some cats”.


SW-Avatar      Honestly Mr Midnight, I can´t take you anywhere can I? You´re always hastily gulping things down.  Where´s all …

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