Tzufi the sunbird news 06-08-2013, last entry

This morning, I wrote these words and saved them as draft:

In the last few days there are very few sunbirds coming to visit my Tzufi.
I am not sure why that is.  There are still plenty of flowers on the tree nearby.
There are two pigeons sitting regularly now  on a relatively  close branch to the cage. I thought that  they built a nest there, but now I can’t see anything resembling one.


And then some time in the early afternoon, I went to add  some nectar to Tzufi’s feeders, then I  took a shower. I have a good observation point on Tzufi’s cage from the bathroom at a certain distance, and I couldn’t see him. I thought at first he might be on the grid at the  bottom of the cage, but even then, I should have been able to see his silhouette on the walls of the basin.  Then I went to check on Tzufi again , and he simply wasn’t in the cage.

To begin with I couldn’t understand it, but then I checked the cage and found out that one of the bars was detached from its base. This widened the space between two of the bars to 1.5 cm, instead of 1 cm  (0.6″ instead 0f 0.4″).

I checked  all around the yard – right under the window, and then all through the garden, and no bird-signs. No feathers, no blood, no signs of a bird that might have been devoured. Now this bird is missing so many feathers all over its body, including no tail feathers and no right wing feathers, and i don’t believe Tzufi could possibly have flown away from the cage in any kind of scenario.

Sadly, my conclusion must be that he fell, tried to hop around, attracted attention to himself and got caught by one of the cats in the yard. In the corner of our yard, not to far from my bedroom window, there is a mother of four kittens that are already active in a limited area, but  the mother is close enough. So this seems to be the only possible  scenario. Maybe she caught him and gave him to her kittens.

That makes me really, really sad.


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