Had a fun day in Northern Israel (1) – Beit Hagalil Monastery

Well, being a holiday and all that, My husband and I decided to have a one-day trip to the Golan Heights, which is not that far from our home town, Karmiel. We elected to take the road in direction of Tiberias.

On the way, we saw a large building we did not recognize, called Beit Hagalil (Home of Galilee).

So we went to check it out, and ended up joining a guided tour,

The guide was a nice young man , a clergy-flower, from Columbia, who told us that he had studied a year in Jerusalem as part of  the requirements of his study. This year he serves in what turned out to be a complex of buildings. So Beit Hagalil is a monastery and a convention place for christians, with the goal of bringing Christians and Jews together. They believe that the New Testament is a continuation of the Old Testament (that is, the bible) and so they dedicate a special space for a Torah book, as well as having their own prayer places.

They hold seminars and the priests spend time in the monastery living and studying.

Here are some pictures from the monastery (asked for permission to photograph):

Overlooking the dormitories for sleepover seminars (on the right), and a view to the Kineret (on the left):

20130924_112343      20130924_112203

Jesus and the apostles


The door to heaven is small, to keep people humble

20130924_112606   20130924_112609

Inside the buildings:

The ten commandments, in Hebrew (Left) and in Latin (right). On the wall, there are waters falling continuously:


A chapel with a skylite shaped as a wine glass: Inside

20130924_111819 20130924_111805

and outside:


A menorah of some kind:


20130924_110703 20130924_110632

A splendid wall painting:

20130924_110850  with a skylight and windows on the sides.

The following pictures are enlargements of pieces of the painting.

20130924_110747 20130924_111007 20130924_111120 20130924_111124 20130924_111128 20130924_111133 20130924_111248 20130924_111227 20130924_111249

The Torah book has a special place:


There was also a library:

A large hymn book – it was too expensive to print many copies so one large book was placed in front of the preists.

20130924_112932 20130924_112944

A hebrew book of wisdom  ( Iam not sure what it was… sorry)


Above the book shelves – panels with verses relating to the ten commandments:


There were a few more sights, halls and rooms – but I’ll leave it for you to visit. About 30 minutes away from Karmiel.


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