Had a fun day in Northern Israel (2)

After  we left Beit Hagalil monastery, we continued to the artists’ vlilage Ami’nam. We visited galeries and bought some stuff  (didn’t take any pictures, because the artists do not allow it inside the shops, and outside – well its a regular street. Sort of.

The village is but a few kilometers from the city of Katzerin, where we stopped to dine and had a superb caserole dish

Pot stew


Then we returned home via the village of Mugar.

We passed a point with a good sight of the Jordan River , and  some mountains

Jordan River 20130924_142444 Jordan River 20130924_142343 20130924_142550 20130924_142545

On the way I also took some nice  pictures of nearby villages:

20130924_151526 20130924_151434 20130924_151205 20130924_151254

And so we returned home, as it is customary in our places to say:

tired, but satisfied.









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