Sukkot Feast and holidays

So this is a period of many feasts. On September 4th it was the Jewish New Year, and exactly ten days later it was Yom Kippur. Four more days after that it is Sukkot,  the Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkot is a feast that  Leviticus 23:34-44 in the Bible Tradition-observing Jews build a tabernacle made of some wood attach sheets and cover it with palm branches. Some buy a metal frame with cloth covers to match, and cover with bamboo mats or the equivalent. The tabernacle symbolizes one of our ancestors’ stations, on their forty year long biblical journey from Egypt to Cana’an, the biblical name given to the Holy Land at that period of time. The children prepare paper decorations, and ‘The seven species’  –  wheat, barley, grape (wine), fig, pomegranates, olive (oil), and date are brought to the Sukka.

This is our neighbor’s Sukka.

Sukka DSC05052

More traditionally, ‘The four species’ are part of Sukkot : (the links are from Wikipedia):

As I once wrote, we are secular Jews. So we don’t put up a Sukka, just like we don’t fast. However, in our garden, we do have some of the species : We have two date palm trees, a few pomegranate trees with some beautiful red fruit, an olive tree, which will have ripe olives which we never pick,  in October;  A small fig tree, some vines that carry good grapes,  and some tall Hadas (myrtle)  bushes with white flowers and exquisite scent.

Some pictures from our garden fruit trees from the seven species:

Our naturally covered place, all covered with vine,  bougainvillea:

Naturally covered space DSC01138

DSC01155 Grapes

One of our yard cats took my chair!


And this is the beautiful painting on the iron door to  our workshop, done by Sonia Bercovich:

DSC02276     DSC02275

From another angle, partly hidden by our Hadas bushes:

7 - garden flowers DSC02206     

Hadas bushes with white flowers (and  fabulous scent)

Hadas DSC03824     

Hadas DSC03825

Olive tree

Olive tree 20130923_161202

Loquat, vine and pomegranate trees entwined together:

    Pomegranate entwined with Vine  askidinia 20130506_165852    Pomefgranate,, Vine  and ascedinia 20130529_161832  

Pomegranate flowers and fruit from our own tree:

20130919_101121          20130919_101010

Pommegranate DSC04962   Pommegranate DSC04960

pomegranate flower - closeup DSC01079     Pomegrante flowers DSC03815

Vine on the wall :

Vine DSC03852    Vine DSC03853

In summer, the vine covers the bedroom windows:

Vine on wall DSC03820

Date palm trees

  Date palm 20130923_160941    DSC01322


Fig tree

4 FigTree DSC01107


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