Renewing lampshades and lamps

So we renovated our home around seven years ago, give or take. But we never got around to the lighting system. Everything works in perfect order since we first built thehouse in 1989, but the shades vin our entrance floor are over 30 years old, and in the living room we have Fluorescentד. They moved with us from our very first small apartment in Beer-Sheva, to Haifa, to Karmiel (2 apartments before we finally moved to our house).

At the time we had a small budget and we decided to build without debts, short of the mortgage  we took on our first apartment (the others were rentals).

So its time!

These are the old lamps and shades: sad.

20130927_152423 20130927_152406 20130927_152335 20130927_152322

… and these are the new lamps (in the shop… ). be ready in approx. three weeks: Ceramic, handmade (or so we were told).  Ignore the ugly background…

Two of those will go in the kitchen-dining room area. This is the shade only, there will be three lamps inside.


On the top left, a pear-shaped lamp for the living room. On the left is a combination of lamps pear-shaped in three sizes and a round one (the largest).

20130927_105857 20130927_105829

TIn the left picture, the one on the left will be in the entrance, and the round little one on the right will be on the ceiling to the shelter-room.

20130927_105916 20130927_105940

I hope it will look like I imagined it…

And you don’t want to know the price!





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