Just another day…

Oct. 5 2013, Saturday

  1. Started to write an application that generates tests for my personal use (as a teacher). Will generate tests for my ten graders, will use as an example of a project for my twelve graders. Hallelujah!
  2. Went to visit my mother (lives two-walking-minutes from me) and brought her some peppers filled with rice. Was expected my brother in law and his wife, but it turned out that their visit was cancelled. Peppers came out real good, if I may say so myself. Well no one else did. Only my husband was at home, and he is not much of compliment giver. Or talker.
  3. Went to the ‘Big’ shopping center and got the following:
    • two tourist guides for Bangkok/ Thailand.
    • one mouse trap (better than the one we already have. Have some mice in the garage-storage room).
  • found by chance a spray of cat and dog repellent, possible rabbits. Hopefully, the rock hyraxes that invaded our yard won’t know the difference. Sprayed around my two-thirds -eaten grapefruit tree , see  pictures:

Before hyraxes:

1 - grapefruit DSC02292

1 - GraoeFriut before  DSC03795

1 - GraoeFriut before DSC03796

1 - grapefruit DSC02294

After Hyraxes:

1 - Grapefruit tree  after Hyrax

1 - Grapefruit tree after hyrax  DSC05036

1 - Grapefruit tree after hyrax DSC05030

1 - Grapefruit tree after hyrax DSC05045

Anyway… the fight afainst the hyraxes, protected by law, is continuing (with legal methods only)  ♥

  • back to writing my application…
  • had great Schnitzel that my husband made.
  • now righting this post, listening to Leonard CohenHallelujah
  • … and back to my application.

not a bad day, on the whole…


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