What else can one wish for?

A beautiful Saturday, a few clouds, some moderate rain that cleaned up all the dust that’s been piling up on my doorstep for the past months due to construction works near by.

These are some views that can be seen from our home these days.

Sunrises from H. ‘s room:

Sunrise, Home  DSC00613 Sunrise, Home  DSC00612 Sunrise, Home  DSC00610 Sunrise, Home  DSC00604

and other views:

Neighbors DSC01327



Three hyraxes in our garden were captured by the municipal animal-catchers and delivered to out-of-town locations, where they will hopefully be just as happy.   Haven’t seen any since.

Hyrax captured 20131013_155312

During the fall, the grapefruit tree,  which had two-thirds of its leaves eaten up, has began to grow lots of new, healthy  leaves.

Grapefruit new leaves  DSC00603    Grapefruit new leaves DSC00600


They also caught three yard kittens and took them to the municipal veterinarian, and were vaccinated and neutered.  During the last few months two of them, and one older,  have been living on a ledge on the kitchen window. I bought a cage large enough for them and they seem very happy. Thy are really sweet and friendly.

We managed to catch by ourselves around five or six mice. No glue traps ! We just trap them and find them a new home … away from neighborhoods.

Mouse 20131018_075712    Mouse 20131018_075500

A couple of days ago I saw (and filmed) a bulbul bird, emptying a pomegranate.  It kept on entering the fruit and coming up with the red grains in its beak;

Bulbul DSC05161      Bulbul DSC05158

Bulbul DSC05159


and w’ve already relocated some snails from our garden…


Snails DSC00023 DSC00024


what can I say.

Life goes on.


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