Added some videop clips of Palestine Sunbirds


I have been following a couple of sunbirds as they were building their nest, the female incubating, flying in and out of the nest, and I saw both parents feeding the chicks and cleaning their fecal bags.

Sunbird female entering DSC00269 Sunbird chicks DSC00364 Sunbird chick mouth DSC00407 DSC04587

I watched te chicks. peeping out of the nest, stretching necks and opening w-i-d-e beaks for food. Then I watched them learn to fly, and these days they fly all over the garden, licking from the yellow Tacoma flowers they pierce with their beaks. The beaks are changing color from light brown to almost black by now.

The chicks still return to the nest every evening at around 18:30 and leave it in the morning around 6:00…

They also learned to drink from my feeder facilities that I provide, but its not their main source of food.

Here is a link to YouTube playlist.


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