About Dawn522006

I am Dawn (stage name only 😉

This is my first blog. You are welcome to visit my two other blogs:
my cat blog, and my blog  about the Sternheim family, who are my father’s family.  (incomplete as yet, I will be happy to receive information from Sternheim family members. I hope to compile a book about this very ancient family. The first known ancestor lived in Ergste, Germany, Nathan Levy  ( S t e r n h e i m ) between 1756-1822 . I am  sixth generation.


So who am I ?

I am married with two grown children who fill my heart with joy and pride (more about them some other time).
———————————————————————————————————————I am an Israeli, and proud to be one, despite some changes I would make here and there…
I was a high school teacher of computer sciences  for 27 years (retired as of 1.9.2014),  and an experienced computer programmer in my past. I taught c# language,  and supervised projects of senior year students. Still write small projects for pleasure.
I consider myself a martial artist at heart. I was fortunate to train trained for ten years on and off,  (ages  36-46)  with SRI (Shotokan Ryu Israel) mostly under Isidor Peled , and a short time under Oded Friedman. I managed to achieve the knowledge and rank of Dan 1. I  was privileged to attend one Philadelphia Master Camp. Passed a basic instructors course given by Shotokan Ryu Israel experts,  as part of a Wingate Institute course. Loved training, loved the fact that my achievements, as well as my failures were all mine. It was all up to me.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to train regularly in a dojo for quite a while (because of medical condition. The  doctor forbade me to do extreme sports… lets say, no dojo can insure me). So I do kata at home, when I can, in slow motion.
In 2005 I became a student in the department of Asian Studies, in the University of Haifa. I completed the requirements of the department for B.A , which together with my Mathematics degree (B.Sc.) enabled me to continue to M.A. studies. During the academic years 2009-2010 I completed all the requirements for courses, including seminar and (Japanese) language. My interests are  mostly Japan but also Korea and India. Not enough of China, but I intend to rectify that as soon as I can.

Truth to tell, my Japanese skills are in the gutter. I think, maybe I was to old for that. Just don’t understand when I am being talked at, can’t speak two straight sentences and can’t remember most of the kanji I learned in the last years. I have used kanji for exercising my memory, though. An excellent exercise, as is kata practice, which also helps my spatial experience.

At the time, it was not possible for me to attend China courses , because most were given in the mornings, but being a school teacher with a schedule, I was never able to make it.  I did all my studies on top of a full time job.
At present I am writing a thesis for M.A. about the globalization of karate and forms of martial arts in Israel. I managed to have my proposal approved. Unfortunately,  following the untimely death of a colleague on my computer teachers team in November 2010, I was forced to take on more teaching hours, and in 2011-2012 I was engulfed by efforts of intefgrate a new teacher,into my team, fresh out of university. So I quit my own studies formally, but continued to work, albeit slowly, on my thesis. Had to save my computer department in school. To be there for my students.

Last year I made a decision, to retire. The last three years , although exhausting, were very fulfilling and I felt I had outdone myself.  But at the same time, my patience for my students was growing thin. Very.
I have many (and I mean MANY) plans, things I want to do and never had the time, or the strength to do. I can hear in my mind, some whispers… teachers have such long vacations! True. but then, much of the vacation, is spent in preparations for next year, in courses on new curricula, and so forth.

In short, it was time. I felt that I had come to a junction in my life: school life was increasingly tiring.  The  Board of Education was introducing new plans, programs and reforms that  I was not in agreement with.

Finally, I decided to retire,while I am still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy the last quarter of my life  (if to believe expectancy figures).

As of September 2014, my time is my own. There is no way to describe the sense of freedom that fills my heart.

At present, I am working diligently on my thesis, and hope to finish by the end of academic year 2015.

I have not had occasion to do significant academic research, but as part of the requirements in M.A.  courses, I  submitted three academic not so bad seminar papers. So far,  I have uploaded one of them called  Untouchables of Korea or: How to Discriminate the Illusive Paekjong? .

I have also uploaded my notes from Karate Basic instructors course (in Hebrew) which I attended in 1995, in two parts:

Part three may be loaded in the future.

The works were published on the Academia.Edu site.


So what will I do with all the extra time on my hands? (After my thesis… )

I take an interest in my ancestry, from both parents. At the moment, I am more into the Sternheim family (on my father’s side) (see Sternheim blog).

In this blog, I have some pages relating to my grandfather on my mother’s side, Shmuel Yeshaya, and   who tragically died in the King David explosion in Jerusalem, on July 22, 1946.  (see the Hebrew page  שמואל ישעיה   , and the English page  Shmuel Yeshaya).  I invite you also my facebook page on the King David explosion in Jerusalem, In Hebrew. I may translate to English selected parts of blog/facebook pages, upon request.

I plan to look into the Baum family (also on my father’s side), and the Valenstein  family (on my mother’s side), later on. My mother has prepared a roots research on the Valenstein, which I will a also publish. ———————————————————————————-

Last, but not least, animals are a passion of mine.
We live in a house with a yard, feed some cats,  and occasionally, take care of this or that animal that happens to need special care. Mostly, cats.

I also feed birds that spend time in my garden, especially sunbirds.

Used to have a dog (died at the age of nine), have a house cat  (added to the family at the age of a few days and never left), and temporarily cared for a Palestine Sunbird that was attacked by my cat when it flew in… unfortunately, didn’t make it.

Love to take photos and videos on my Sony Handicam, many of those are of wildlife in my garden.

At times I do philosophical thinking… maybe I’ll share some of it…

This is my first blog.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I will love having responds .


In December 2014 my mother  was hospitalized for am month. Following that, she moved temporarily to a home for the disabled, then to a rehabilitation facility, and finally, as of March 2015, to a home for the elderly, since she needs some help in daily activities.

Being her only living child, it was left to me to not only  to visit her daily for encouragement as well pragmatic requirements;  but to handle all procedures connected to her life.

It also fell to me to sell her house, and supervise it, still on going.

I should mention with great gratitude the support, spiritual and practical of my husband through allthis long and difficult period.

So, for four months I put my thesis aside, but now I a back on it.

And I will prevail.



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