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… Syria again: where are world Powers in this horror?


Unbelievably, Syrian civilians are still being bombarded, chemically poisoned and hunted by their own president.He is supported by Russian president Putin.

In April 2017 BBC new article estimated that more than 300 thousand persons died during the six years do  civil war. The most recent bombardments that Assad’s air force carried out  was in Eastern Ghouta, with devastating results

The world is silent and does not intervene.

I am proud and grateful in such times, to be an Israeli, because my country did take the position of helping Syrian civilians who were injured severely, by allowing them to cross the border and be treated in Israeli hospitals.

I am hoping that Europe and the United States of America take a more determined approach in favor of helping Syrian victims of Assad.



Death of severely malnourished 35-day-old Samar Dofdaa


Its been a while since I wrote posts, because there was so much going on in my life.

But today everything stops, in the memory of the severely malnourished 35-day-old Samar Dofdaa.  She is just one of so many  Syrian children and adults who are suffering terrible tragedies since the beginning of the civil war in Syria. It is now over six years long, and no sign of an end.   As long as world war II.
It is incomprehensible, that children are starving just over the border and there is nothing I can do about it. 


ghouta-baby.jpg  Heart breaking.
I wish governments would convince their citizens, that what happens ‘far away’ in Syria is the responsibility of  all nations.


הדפים העוסקים בפיצוץ המלך דוד הועברו לבלוג חדש, המוקדש לפרשה. קישור בגוף הפוסט.


לאחרונה הצטבר חומר רב, שמצדיק הקדשת בלוג לנושא כל כך חשוב, גם בפני עצמו וגם לי באופן אישי.
להלן קישור לאתר הבלוג הפיצוץ במלון המלך דוד, 22-7-1946.

רוב החומר הוא בעברית, אבל קיימים, ויתווספו בהמשך עוד דפים בשפה האנגלית .
קישור לשני הדפים המתאימים:

Shmuel Yeshaya (1) – the night of the bombing

The King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem, 1946








Stop the ongoing massacre in Syria

November 30, 2016

It is heart breaking to watch the swarm of refugees escaping the bombarded city of Ḥalab (Aleppo). It is even more horrifying to watch children standing in the rubble  speaking about their dead parent or a lost sibling.

But the worst thing is knowing that these people, millions of them, are pawns in the game of leaders who have so many other considerations, just not these human beings.

Stop the ongoing massacre in Syria!



Is Israel an apartheid state?

Kenneth Meshoe, member of South African parliament explains why Israel is not an apartheid state, and why bringing this claims is an insult to South African freedom fighters.

This a quote from a lecture by Meshoe, that you can hear clicking this link . You can also read the transcript.

“As a member of the South African parliament, and in the name of millions of my fellow black citizens of that country — we know what apartheid really was — and I therefore ask those in United States, Europe and anywhere else in the world who charge Israel with practicing apartheid to please stop doing so. You are damaging the truth, you are damaging any chance for peace in the Middle East, and most of all, you are destroying the memory of the real apartheid.
The charge that Israel is an apartheid state is a lie about the real Israel and it is a lie about the real apartheid.

I am Kenneth Meshoe, member of the South African parliament for Prager University.”

end of quote from transcript.

Human hostages in Gaza

What should a country do when it is attacked with missiles and rockets, or invaded through tunnels  with terrorist attacks?

Obviously, it must defend its citizens. But how do you defend against an enemy who takes his own citizens hostage and uses your own conscience against you?

This is Israel’s problem. While claiming to accept Israel’s right to defend its cities and citizens, the world poses a demand of not firing at civilians. The terrorists hide in the midst of heavily populated area and carryout their attacks from hospitals, schools, mosques and homes.

Many protest the damages and the loss of life caused by Israeli bombardment, but how do you stop terrorists who are using his own people as human shields, without civilian casualties?

please see my page: Children as human shields 

and pray  for a solution to  this insane situation