Children as human shields in Gaza

I dedicate this page to the children, Palestinian and Israeli alike.


The following are pictures and links to videos  that depict the situation on both sides. Starting with Hamas and Palestinians:

Hamas using civilians, children and reporters  :

using civilians, children as human shields

HumanShields    HamasBlindfoldedKid Hamas with baby


A Hamas terrorist grabbing children during flight


human_shield 3  child-abuse

Hamas operate from the midst of reporters

Hamas preventing civilians from escaping and forces them on the roofs



Hamas escapes in ambulance  (towards end of video)

Terrorists Use Ambulance for Transportation

The indoctrination of children : 

a little girl is given a gun to fire 

Children in military training: 


 click to source of pictures

“We desire death more than you desire life” speech

IDF calls hospitals and civilians to warn them and to ensure the structures are empty
IDF aborts bombing attack because children / civilians are spotted

… shameless leaders in 5 stars hotels will not stop the wars, while the palestinian population suffers


people in Gaza rarely do this...

… And the lies:

Snow, in Gaza? In July? give me a break!


What does Mahmud Abas’ son have to say : quite  lot.

He thinks that what the Israeli army did in Gaza is worse than what the Nazi’s did.


See further down the page about Iron Dome and the 14 years of  firing rockets on Israel




Peaceful people don’t  train their children with guns…


but who is saluting Nazi style?

AlFatahPalestinianCommandoesNazSalute Fattah-nazis Hamas Hail (3)  Nazi salute


Well… This is what  the Nazis did : 

They put the mockery sign: Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free) at the entrance of the concentration camp , where Jews were herded.


They gassed the Jews by the millions (total during the war – 6 millions, which was about a third of the Jewish people at the time). Notice the nozzles coming down from the ceiling, mascaraded as shower heads  Then they burned the corpses in special incinerators.

   imagesMILIYIYZ    The imagesDXA74JUX



The nazi’s also murdered in other ways:

images51L3JQRL imagesTS0ZEY14

They transported the Jews in cattle wagons

imagesQFYR5371   imagesG413X31S


They branded people like cattle


and there were no guns in the Jews’ hands.

images5LFY7IO6 imagesUT9NSXYS   imagesOUSHFM6R imagesHA10MT6T     images9T4HUD2E


images22SW6R4J  imagesLFRBUWVW

To the  Source of the pictures, and lots more…       and  more sources


Yasser Abas teaches his son that there will never be peace, and that Palestinians will return to Zafed (Tzfat) , and that Israel must disappear .

DSC03120 DSC03121


Yasser Abbas thinks that Iron Dome is enough to protect Isreali’s from the rockets. 

Well, it isn’t.
Because it is not 100% full proof.

Because  civilians have to  run for shelter, on Hamas’ every whim, and normal life cannot be sustained like that.

Because on the border with Gaza, they have 15(!) seconds. In Haifa they have a luxurious 3 minutes. Where I live, in the yellow zone, I get 30 seconds.


מפת אזורי התגוננות 2013 ארצית                    Rocket Threat

Many people do not have shelters, many don’t even have a safe room.  The rockets come on Hamas’ whim. Often they use mortars, for which there is no warning what so ever.

They have rockets that cover most of Israel and fire at will. Would you live that way?

And Yasser Abbas conveniently ignores and does not mention the tunnels (see CNN report ), that have been built with the sole purpose of carrying out a terrorist act, either in explosions or in abduction of civilians and soldiers. The tunnels have several entrances , that are excavated inside buildings, and have several exits inside Israel.

10464314_779177058799100_7458552304618992694_n tunnel1 DSC02907


Cement that was supposed to be used for building houses, hospitals and schools was poured by the thousands of tons into these tunnels. The cement came through Israel, just like many other products.

Israel evacuated Gaza in 2005.  Gaza is under siege only in the sense that products must enter Israel first and be inspected for weaponry. Electricity has been supplied by Israel all these years, while the Palestinian Authorities owe 1.5 billion NIS (Shekels) , over four hundred thousand dollars. They used that electricity to build tunnels…


There is a tragedy happening in Gaza. Dead, wounded and terrified people who have become refugees in their own small strip of land.

The tragedy is Palestinian residents of Gaza are hostages by their ‘freely’ elected Hamas government, that embezzles  whatever is money is left from  building tunnels and  buying rocket stocks.

The politics of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict are a different issue, to which I hope to relate in a separate page in the future.




I dedicate this page to the Palestinian children who seem to have no hope for a normal life, because by the time they learn  to speak, read and write, they are already indoctrinated to crave death.

I dedicate this page to Israeli children who spend  their childhood doing what they should be doing: playing, and pray.




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