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Starvation in Syria looks like a holocaust


I am so sad. It feels like nobody cares, but I cannot be silent. Not much an Israeli Jew can do to help Syrians who are starving. I feel frustrated, and enraged.

Its a political game, a game of power struggles between countries and leaders and who knows who.

The bastards are starving people and no one that can, is doing anything.

find the differences:

images from Syria, January 2016.  Images from the  holocaust, 1940s. 

Starved in prison Image result for holocaust pictures


Why isn’t everybody screaming?




Human hostages in Gaza

What should a country do when it is attacked with missiles and rockets, or invaded through tunnels  with terrorist attacks?

Obviously, it must defend its citizens. But how do you defend against an enemy who takes his own citizens hostage and uses your own conscience against you?

This is Israel’s problem. While claiming to accept Israel’s right to defend its cities and citizens, the world poses a demand of not firing at civilians. The terrorists hide in the midst of heavily populated area and carryout their attacks from hospitals, schools, mosques and homes.

Many protest the damages and the loss of life caused by Israeli bombardment, but how do you stop terrorists who are using his own people as human shields, without civilian casualties?

please see my page: Children as human shields 

and pray  for a solution to  this insane situation