The King David hotel bombing in Jerusalem, 1946

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On 22-07-1946, the Etzel (Irgun Tzava’I Le’umi) planted a bomb in the King David Hotel, in Jerusalem. A part of the hotel served at the time as HQ for the British mandate . My grandfather, Samuel Moise Yeshaya (was one of 91 persons who lost their lives in that explosion. They say it was one of the greatest explosions that happened in Israel (then Palestine) to this day.


KingDavidBefore2 KingDavidAfter4


KingDavidBomb1 KingDavidBomb2 KingDavidBomb4


As years go by, this event has been pushed aside and is not commemorated. Possibly because of the inconvenience it causes certain people and political parties.

This year, again, it was not even mentioned. Those who committed this act of exploding the hotel, are listed as heroes of the war for the independence of Israel. , after a long fight with the authorities, we managed to get recognition.

Absurdly, my grandfather’s name is included in the list of casualties  by enemy terrorist actions . Go figure.


I have decided to dedicate a page in my blog to my grandfather, who never lived to see the age of 48. In this page, I wish to present the personal experiences of the family caused by his death, as they were told to me by mother, may she have a good and healthy life.


More about Shmuel Yeshaya

6 thoughts on “The King David hotel bombing in Jerusalem, 1946

  1. Joey

    Hi Ruthie,

    My family is from Jerusalem, from my Father’s side. My Brother and I recently visited my Aunt who lives there, just a few months ago. She is getting quite old, though.

    I am researching my Family’s history for a written project. In doing so, mention of the King David Bombing keeps coming up. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me find anyone who was involved in the bombing or might have 1st hand recollection of the events leading up to it. (Aside from what is available on line and through books I’ve read.) I am very hopeful to find someone who was actually involved with the paramilitary group(s) who claimed responsibility for the while at the same time, uncovering a perspective from the victim’s side.

    I am also very curious about your perspective on the event and the politics involved. I look forward to an opportunity for a discussion via email or telephone. My email is Skype: ngenmedia

    Thank you and take good care.


  2. Joey

    Hi Shmuel – my name is Joey (zohar) I live in Los Angeles. I am interested to know more about this subject. Do you live in Jerusalem?

    1. dawn522006 Post author

      Hi Joey,

      Thank you fortaking an interest in my blog.
      This specific page is dedicated to a very controversial event that happened in July 1946, when the King David Hotel (which is in Jerusalem) suffered the explosion of a bomb. It happened 69 years ago, and had tens of casualties, one of whom was my grandfather, Shmuel Yeshaya, he was killed in the explosion. I am Ruthie, and one of the reasons I put up this page was, that in Israel this event is still not debated or commemorated properly (in my opinion).

      My grandparents were born and lived in Jerusalem most of their lives, and my mother was born there too.
      However, my when she maried she and my father chose to live in a neighborhood of Tel Aviv, that’s where I grew up. Iused to visit my grandmother on Jerusalem.
      When I was younger, Jerusalem was easier to live in. And I assume that you get tosee all the problems on the news, but they probably don’t really show you Jerusalem’s beautiful sides.

      What is it exatly that you are interested in?

      Best wishes,

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