Viko’s Page, and other cats too… last update 02-08-2013

As from 16-11-2014  you can find  cat stories and information on  my cat blog.
I leave this page here… Well because  I like it.


Gibor is a young, recently castrated cat, and a sole survivor out of the four cuties in facebook  my profile picture. The other three disappeared on the same day under suspicious (in my eyes) circumstances.
Vika is a younger female who is too old for mother care, and too young to be alone.
The two youngsters ‘found each other’. They play together, albeit Gibor sometimes tends to overdo it.
Anyway, today first time I saw this incredible scene: Vika was trying to suckle on Gibor’s belly… I was too slow to videotape the actual event, but… I caught on tape Gibor licking his quite wet tummy
Look how cozy they are together…

20130801_152750 20130801_152738 20130801_152730 20130801_143344 20130801_143047 20130801_142940


Two young cats that adopted each other



Viko is the house cat. We found him in our yard maybe a couple of days old.
When his mother did not return for him we decided to take him in.

That was a difficult decision. We have been much experience (about 20 years) observing yard cats growing up,  from since kitten-hood to old age, Some were eating regularly  in out yard, the oldest were maybe 15 years old, and right now we have 9 and 8 year olds.

We know that cat mothers sometimes take their time when they relocate their kittens. But sometimes they do not return for a kitten. And the worst, we didn’t know who the mother was.

Now, viko was left in the rockery, and he came out when he was hungry, crying loudly. Do we leave him to be exposed in the night, do we let him crawl back between the rocks out of our reach – and possibly

let him die?

DSC01791 Baby Viko with Teddy

DSC01783 Baby Viko Bottle fed

Obviously, as you can see. we voted for saving him.

That was four years  ago, September 1, 2009.

So here is what I can tell you:

Baby kittens need to be fed a lot, like human babies.
Baby kittens are playful.
Baby kittens need warmth, and love.
A good substitute for mother warmth at this age (a few days) is a hot water bottle, well isolated from the baby, right under his blanket. And a stuffed animal that used to belong to one of my children. It is to this day a special friend to him, and he brings it almost every night to my bedroom, doing things to it…

He is a great companion, has never caused any damage to furniture or curtains, and these days he spends many hours of the day sleeping,  either close to me or close to my husband.

DSC01242 DSC01245 DSC04277  DSC00697  DSC01288 DSC04279 - Copy DSC04280


DSC02009 Viko lost his legs     DSC01068

With beloved stuffed animal that served as serrogate mother


Some of our prize yard cats:

Mitzi-2 (disappeared at age 3-4 )



DSC01195 - Copy

DSC01204 - Copy

Mizti-2… or is Alpha?


Alpha on the vine




Red cats, can’t tell which… had many of those…



Nahum’ a most loved cat. Survived a car accident


DSC01132       DSC01176



Mother of quite a few red cats, black cats and Vika ( a young kitten that looks almost identical to Viko). Believed to be descendent of Viko’s mother, a cat that looks almost identical to herself, except for the black spot on her chin




Alpha about 8 years old

Alpha and little black crazy Beta

Lo Simpati (actually, a really nice cat)

DSC01220 DSC01227

DSC01211 - Copy


This is Shula, our oldest documented yard cat. She became very sick and ultimately she was put down by a vet after being in observation for ten days. She scratchd my husband when he tried to put her in a cage, to go to our regular vet.

That was a very unpleasant 10 days between Rosh-Hashana and Yom-Kipur, a couple of years back.  Fortunately, she survived the ten mandatory days and saved my husband the need to have a rabbies-shot.



Ginger mother of four, disappeared. Three of her kittens also disappeared on the same day

DSC01357  DSC01375 DSC01386 DSC01394 DSC01396


Not one of the four, but… as cute

3 thoughts on “Viko’s Page, and other cats too… last update 02-08-2013

  1. Pingback: Two young cat’s that adopted each other 03-08-2013 | dawn522006

  2. Hadas

    I’m sure there’s more to come — where’s the original Mitzi, Yossi, Arie and other friends? 🙂

    1. dawn522006 Post author

      Well, these are the digital pictures I found so far on the sony handicams.
      I’ll try to find the time to search the old camera, but that will be a while. And then we’ll go back to the primitive old hard copies 😉


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