Wildlife in my garden, Israel, Karmiel

You got a love it. There are the trees, bushes and flowers that my husband planted and takes care of all year long, for 25 years (In Karmiel since 1987, in this house and garden since 1989).

The earth that was brought to the garden was so fertile that anything grows. You eat an olive, or a date, or an apple  and throw the leftover on the ground, next thing you know you have a little tree that is growing.

Seeds arrive with the wind and palnt themselves. There is a tree that planted itself, and since then every few months you find a new tree, a couple of meters from some other tree, probably a shoot from the underground roots of the original one. It has a narrow trunk, and grows tall and green.


May, 10, 2014

How many different kinds of birds are there, in a home-garden, in northern edge of the Lower Galilee, Northern Israel?

Some Sylvia melanocephala  (סבכי שחור-ראש ) are nesting in our garden. I was fortunate enough to catch them on camera during a drizzle., some oictires  and videos of parents feeding their youngster.

11 סבכי  גוזלים DSC02696 11 סבכי  גוזלים DSC02701 11 סבכי  DSC02708

There are Bulbuls that love eating our pomegranate fruits… when they are not chattering… (see video on link)

Bulbul DSC05161 Bulbul DSC05158

There are wild pigeons, I got awesome videos of one learning how to fly .


The sunbirds are returning from the southern part of the country, and enjoying, again, the sugar-water  I put for them each day.

DSC04600 DSC04604 DSC04587 DSC04707DSC04589



Obviously, we have some ants x

Ants DSC04701 Ants nest DSC01316

… who love sugar- water!

DSC04859 DSC02663

A fantastically singing black bird, not sure what it’s called’ wakes me up every morning, and gives us concerts in late afternoon.



There are also other creatures: Chameleons , spiders, flies, snails…

DSC01187Chameleon DSC01185 Fly DSC03865 'Giant' spider DSC0379810 -spider DSC03799 kelev mayim DSC01190 DSC00024 Snails DSC00023 Mouse 20131018_075712


צופי תלוי

Tzufi  DSC04367








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