Help! Raising a baby Palestine Sunbird (to be freed when possible)

Tzufi  DSC04367

Listening to sounds


By his feeding devices

Tzufi playing dead DSC04352

playing dead?

A young Sunbird (see a few more) accidentally entered our  bedroom which is on the second floor. It had an unpleasant encounter with our house cat, who didn’t quite know what to do with it. The result: some lost feathers, no blood, no broken bones, a little shock. The  Sunbird hid under a home scales device, so I was able to rescue it. unfortunately , it is missing some tail and one of the wings feathers, which possibly hadn’t grown yet (I didn’t find any large-enough feathers in my bedroom). More unfortunately, I could not trace the nest, so it was impossible to return it there.

So now the little Sunbird is living in a cage (I hate that) and I am learning to take care of it. I names it Tzufi (Tzufit Boheket is the Hebrew name for this bird). Since it is attempting short flights in the cage and because of its size, I believe it is close to maturity.

My vet says it will be a few months before the feathers grow. He recommended giving it protein, and suggested that dried blood worms might be suitable.  I give it honey-water and am trying another solution of water with grape sugar.

My worst fear is that by the time the little bird grows its feathers back, it won’t know how to feed itself, and won’t recognize other Sunbirds.

Any recommendations? thoughts?

I will be most greatful

I’ll keep reporting on Tzufi’s adventures.


1 thought on “Help! Raising a baby Palestine Sunbird (to be freed when possible)

  1. varun

    Hey dawn, i found a baby sunbird today and have no clue as to what to feed it on or how to care for it, if you could share some experience with me i can raise it an let it free again pls email me your reccomendations ASAP, Or watsapp me at india code then 9865822200. Thanks in advance.


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